MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of FUNKILLER’S “Self-Fulfilling Prophecies” Video

After a decade of work in Gainesville, Fla., FUNKILLER is finally set to release entrancingly lush sophomore album Tropical Depression on September 28 via LaunchLeft.

FUNKILLER is led by reclusive singer/songwriter David Gordon, who’s been championed by the likes of Wayne Coyne and Moon Unit Zappa, and his forthcoming album is a hypnotic blend of moody pop, neo-soul and ethereal rock ‘n’ roll. Guests on the LP include Rain Phoenix (Aleka’s Attic, Venus And The Moon) and Dave Lebleu (Mercury Program). In the lead up to Tropical Depression, FUNKILLER has dropped a couple of singles (“Divided Highway” and “Rattlesnake Freight Train”), and now Gordon unveils a new video for “Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.”

“‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecies’ is philosophical in nature,” says Gordon of the echoey, two-minute ballad. “A surrealistic song that crests and troughs between bookends. It’s about the fluidity of life and death, the magnificence and frivolousness in existence, and the alluring intangibility of the human spirit.”

As for the animated video, which was directed by visual artist Cody Wicker and animator Odni Lim, “it’s more of a modernist art piece,” says Gordon.

When asked to comment on the clip, Wicker and Lim offered: “As we listened to ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecies’ for the first time, thinking about the imagery that would pair well with the music, we were pulled to the depths of the ocean floor. The song is so open and ethereal, it almost brings you to a state of euphoric meditation. We wanted the visuals to reflect this feeling. So, the animation is loose in narration to where it could be taking place in the depths of the ocean, the depths of space or the depths of eternal thought.”

We’re proud to premiere the video for “Self-Fulfilling Prophecies” today on Watch it right here, right now, and read our interview with FUNKILLER below.

—Rich Tupica