MAGNET Exclusive: Stream John Davis & Dennis Callaci’s “Arches & Pathways”

Arches & Pathways is the second album recorded by John Davis (Folk Implosion) and Dennis Callaci (Refrigerator)—and the first in 25 years! A co-release between Callaci’s Shrimper and Davis’ Inundation labels, Arches & Pathways, like predecessor Room For Space, was improvised by the two musicians, though this time around, there was an engineer, Steve Folta, present to record these nine songs. Davis and Callaci also immediately did overdubs, and the whole thing was finished in three days in Callaci’s living room. This recording setup allowed both men to work outside of their comfort zone.

“I fired myself as a drummer when I started recording again around 10 years ago,” says Davis. “This marks my comeback to the stool, and I’m pleased with how it provided a new way to collaborate with my best friend.”

“Playing a detuned 12-string and the piano on the record is not something I have done on very many records,” says Callaci. “It helped that stretch to not fall back on patterns or repetition. It is the key and tell of this record, pushing further into instinct and away from tradition.”

As for future collaborations for the two, Callaci is optimistic. Sort of. “Got a feeling 2045 is gonna be a good year,” he says. “Especially if John and I do our third record together.”

While you wait for 2045 and the Eric Trump Jr. administration to happen, stream Arches & Pathways below. We’re proud to premiere it today at MAGNET.