Isolation Drills: Slomo Sapiens

Like the majority of you, all of us in the Philadelphia area are staying at home, learning to adapt to our “new normal.” MAGNET is checking in with local musicians to see how and what they’re doing during this unprecedented time. Photos by Chris Sikich.

Ceallaigh Corbishley (vocals, guitar): Prior to COVID, we had recently finished recording our debut album and were set to release it March 20. The release show was booked at Johnny Brenda’s and was going to be the first night of a two-week tour. Three days before that, everyone was put in quarantine.

It was kind of bittersweet—releasing an album called Cabin Fever Dreams three days after a global quarantine. While it was definitely a setback, we didn’t let it get us down for very long. It was all out of our hands.

In the first few weeks, I recorded a bunch of tracks we’d messed around with and some new ideas of my own. The idea was that once the quarantine was over, we’d have plenty of new material to work on.

During this period we recorded and filmed a video of us playing our track “Jeepers Creepers.” We did this individually in our own homes, playing along to the recording. That was a lot of fun to pull off.

Since then, we have performed two outdoor shows and have been able to start recording our next projects. I’d say we’re going to continue to stay as busy as we can.