MAGNET Television: Q&A With G.E. Smith (“Saturday Night Live,” Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates, Mick Jagger)

G.E. Smith is central casting’s version of the cool-as-fuck rock ‘n’ roll sideman, only he’s real. He’s the ruggedly handsome guy who plays guitar better than anyone else in the room, looks like he was born to be onstage/onscreen and knows where the real after party is—the one with Bowie and Dylan and Jagger. In addition to collaborating with those three, Smith has also backed up everyone from Roger Waters and Hall & Oates to Tina Turner and Buddy Guy, not to mention being the Emmy-winning musical director of Saturday Night Live for a decade. Smith’s latest project is Stony Hill, an album with soul/R&B singer/songwriter LeRoy Bell (Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Teddy Pendergrass). To paraphrase a popular song that Smith co-wrote during his SNL days, it’s G.E.’s world—it’s party time, it’s excellent!