MAGNET Television: Q&A WIth Len Kasper (Sonic45, Chicago White Sox Broadcaster)

Sonic45 songwriter/bassist and distinguished baseball broadcaster Len Kasper’s favorite band is the Who, so he probably won’t mind (then again, he might) if we paraphrase a number from Tommy and note that we have a feeling ’21 is going to be a good year for him. Not only will he be switching booths from Chicago Cubs TV to Chicago White Sox radio (pursuing a longtime passion), Sonic45’s debut record, Space And Time (Pravda), will finally be released after being pandemic-delayed. Cubs fans are rightly disappointed, and dismayed, about Kasper’s decision, but Sox fans are in for treat—and given the two Sonic45 songs out now (“Pills” and “I Feel Alive”), so are listeners interested in quality new-wave/post-punk-inspired tunes.