MAGNET Television: Q&A With Kristian Bush And Andrew Hyra (Billy Pilgrim)

If nothing else, the past year has led to lots of discovery for all of us. Are we really happy with our jobs? Our relationships? Our lives in general? For Kristian Bush—half of ’90s folk/rock duo Billy Pilgrim (Andrew Hyra is the other half)—discovery came in a different form. While he was doing some pandemic house cleaning, Bush happened across the sole copy of what was to be Billy Pilgrim’s third album. Slated to be released two decades ago, In The Time Machine was never issued, as the master tapes were destroyed when the studio at which it was recorded burned down in 2000. Bush and Hyra subsequently parted ways, with Bush going on to form massive country act Sugarland. But now Billy Pilgrim is back, and In The Time Machine has officially been released. And if you think that’s a terrible thing, then you have not understood a word Billy Pilgrim has sung. Farewell, hello, farewell, hello.