Philadelphia Freedom: Wives

With Isolation Drills, MAGNET has been checking in with Philadelphia-area musicians during the pandemic, while Where We Belong shines a light on our beloved local venues. Now that our city is opening again, MAGNET has launched Philadelphia Freedom to explore what happens next with our music scene, post-quarantine. Photos by Chris Sikich.


What were you working on at Headroom Studios when we did these photos?
Vocals for a song called “What Wicked Webs We Weave.”

What project was it for and how/when are you looking to release the music?
It was for our new Wives EP called Wivez. It will be digital only. No release date right now.

How did your approach to writing and recording change as a result of the pandemic? How did it impact how you worked in the studio?
At the start of 2021, I made some resolutions to try to record as much music as possible since I’d been without band practice and shows for nearly a year. So this EP is material we had worked on prior to the pandemic. Working at Headroom has been great because they followed strict safety guidelines right from the jump. 

How much time do you plan to spend—or have you spent—in the studio working on this?
We’ve had two long days and a few scattered nights. Just chipping away at it bits at a time, but keeping it punk, not getting too hung up on the minutiae.

Tell us about Wives.
Wives started as a recording project and then turned into a live band from 2011-2015. Since then, it’s been back to just a recording project. So each EP has its own feel. Please go here to check all of our releases. 

Musically, what you’re looking forward to as restrictions are lifted in the city?
I, like many, can’t wait for live music again. But let’s keep it safe, y’all!