Live From New York, It’s Green Day, Weezer And The Interrupters (But Not Fall Out Boy)

Last week’s Hella Mega stop at Citi Field in Queens is a snapshot of where we are right now with the pandemic. The tour—featuring Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer and the Interrupters—was delayed a year because of COVID. But then someone in the Fall Out Boy camp just tested positive for the virus, so the band had cancel its NYC, Boston and D.C. performances. Concertgoers, however, were still treated to an amazing set by Green Day, a stadium-rock-ready Weezer and a surprisingly confident performance by the Interrupters that was sure to win over the uninitiated. So it was a bad day for Fall Out Boy fans who dropped hundreds of bucks per ticket to not see their favorite band, but the upside was they got to behold Rivers Cuomo’s Billy Ray Cyrus-esque mullet up close and personal. Photos for MAGNET by Wes Orshoski.