Being There: Wilco And Sleater-Kinney Help Philadelphia Fight Pandemic Loneliness

It’s fair to say we’re not all huge fans of each and every band that’s been on the cover of the 150 print issues of MAGNET, but when certain groups start make repeat appearances, you would be correct in assuming we are, indeed, diehard devotees. This bill at Philly’s Mann Center featured two of the bands we’ve championed the most: Wilco (four MAGNET covers—five if you include the Tweedy cover we did with Jeff and his drumming son Spencer) and Sleater-Kinney (three MAGNET covers). And while the immediate future of live music is still uncertain, it was amazing to have two of the best bands on the planet together, with Nnamdï opening. Kids, if you want the rock ‘n’ roll fun to continue and you’re not yet vaccinated, all you need is two shots in the arm. You don’t even have to call the doctor.