Live Review: Sheer Mag, Dridge, ICD10, Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 9, 2021

Sheer Mag ended its three-night stand at PhilaMOCA in a hail of Hamm’s beer, singer Tina Halladay and her mates holding their ground as empty cans, not-so-empty cans and raided cardboard cases of the stuff flew through the air from one end of the room to the other.

It was a fitting way to finish their set of boogie-bridging cock rock and disco–funk, a fizzy, throbbing fusion fueled by Halladay’s indefatigable vocals and every cliché she turned on its head on songs like “Nobody’s Baby,” “Pure Desire” and “What You Want.”

Full-throated support came from a pair of local bands: Dridge (marked by drummer/vocalist Joey Norkin’s grind-and-doom growl and his deliberate beats) and ICD10 (whose hardcore-meets-hard-rock swagger was the aural equivalent of the airborne aluminum they volleyed at one another once they were embedded among the rest of the crowd as Sheer Mag took its victory lap).

—M.J. Fine; photos by Chris Sikich