MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Parker Gispert’s “All The Rage”

“One of Roger Stone’s rules is: ‘Hate is a more powerful motivator than love.’ I see that philosophy in full effect when I turn on the TV or tap into the various media outlets these days,” says Parker Gispert, nailing down the themes that drive “All The Rage,” which debuts here. “I feel like much of our society—in particular, the different sides of our polarized political spectrum—are mostly unified by what they each hate.”

A third of much-loved Athens, Ga., garage-rock trio the Whigs, Gispert had originally planned to follow up his 2018 solo debut, Sunlight Tonight, with a more acoustic affair. “But I felt the clash of rock ’n’ roll and its inherent dissonance were a more appropriate backdrop for the lyrical topics I wanted to write about,” he says.

Due out September 2 on Normaltown/New West, Golden Years draws primarily from the heavy ’90s rock that informed Gispert’s youth, occasionally locking into the late-’60s vibe that’s characterized his listening habits of late. “There’s a good bit of grunge and indie rock in the mix, plus classic-rock influences like Loaded by the Velvet Underground and the Stones’ Sticky Fingers, both of which I listened to a lot while writing the album,” he says.

Gispert co-produced Golden Years with Roger Moutenot (Lou Reed, Yo La Tengo) in Nashville. The roster of contributors includes drummer John Kent (Ben Kweller), bassist Rob Crowell (Deer Tick), seasoned keyboardist Thayer Sarrano, pedal-steel player Matt “Pistol” Stoessel (Faye Webster) and Gispert’s longtime guitarist, Evan Penza.

“It’s a full-band rock album inspired by some of my first musical influences,” says Gispert. “I’m really looking forward to people hearing it.”

MAGNET is proud to premiere “All The Rage.”