Live Review: Peaches, Kalifa, Philadelphia, PA, Aug. 23, 2022

You’re not going to find The Teaches Of Peaches on too many syllabi as the school year gets underway, but 20-odd years later, its raunchy lessons in liberation are as relevant as ever.

Celebrating the album’s pandemic-delayed anniversary, Peaches and her instrument-swapping, clothing-optional band and dancers grinded it out with glee and abandon at Union Transfer. If you came to see a rock show, you were in the right place. And if you came to see a big, gigantic cock show, you were in for a treat. This show had it all: guitar heroics, meticulously reprogrammed beats, a giant squirting crowdsurfing condom, pink merkins, a jacket made from discarded thongs, dozens of boobs and barely any nipples, hair in the most unexpected places, gentle and not-so-gentle teasing, and a stacked setlist.

It was all good, dirty fun, with the crowd singing and shouting along to “Rock Show,” “AA XXX” and “Hot Rod,” among others.

In addition to The Teaches Of Peaches in all its horny, porny, unholy glory, we got to hear career-spanning faves like “Shake Your Dix,” “Boys Wanna Be Her” and “Talk To Me,” plus the pandemic-era “Pussy Mask.” It all came to a head with a filthy, high note–hitting, drawn-out cover of “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” that could teach Celine Dion a few things that she’d never want to know.

Kalifa warmed up the room with a high-energy, tongue-twisting, stage-stomping set.

—M.J. Fine; photos by Chris Sikich