Normal History Vol. 714: The Art Of David Lester

Every week, we’ll be posting a new illustration by David Lester. The Mecca Normal guitarist is visually documenting people, places and events from his band’s 39-year run, with text by vocalist Jean Smith.

Any mention of QAnon brings on eye rolls and headaches, but it may be worth taking a look at an associated cult in Canada. Not the Freedom Truckers’ cult, but a separate situation that involves someone claiming to be the queen of Canada, who is evolving out of QAnon as an alien creature from a different dimension or some such bullshit. But amazingly, she has followers, and this is concerning. It’s a bit of a mystery why people glom onto these individuals and their spews of idiocy. No surprise that followers fund the activities.

The down-and-out are susceptible to cults as they become isolated and alienated, open to connections that include free snacks and camaraderie. How can really nice people be crazy, bad or wrong? Evidently, the queen employs brainwashing, including playing Boney M.’s “Rasputin” for 10 hours straight while on the road.

Anywho. The Mecca Normal song is far more subtle as it lists human characteristics and behaviors. All very quaint by comparison.

“Is This You?” from The Family Swan (Kill Rock Stars, 2002) (download):