Live Review: Don’t Lie To Me! Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of Big Star’s “#1 Record,” Ardmore, PA, Dec. 6, 2022

Lovingly resurrecting the sweet sounds of Big Star, Jon Auer, Mike Mills, Chris Stamey, Pat Sansone, Adam Weiner and, most essentially, Jody Stephens delighted the overstuffed Ardmore Music Hall.

Though the night was billed as a tribute to #1 Record, two full sets and multiple encores guaranteed that there was something for lovers of every facet of Big Star. While my favorite song of the show was actually not a Big Star number but a less lonesome take on Chris Bell’s solo “I Am The Cosmos,” other highlights included Mills’ dry wit and exuberant vocals on “Jesus Christ,” “September Gurls,” “Thank You Friends” and “Try Again”; Stephens’ lead turns on “Blue Moon” and “February’s Quiet,” as well as his warm presence behind the drum kit; Weiner’s subdued keys; Stamey’s assured leadership; and just about everything Auer and Sansone sang or played guitar on.

—M.J. Fine; photos by Chris Sikich