MAGNET Exclusive: “Karen” Excerpt From “Thank You For A Lovely Day: 11 The Go-Betweens Songcomics”

If you have spent any time reading MAGNET over the past three decades, you know about our obsession with the Go-Betweens, one of the very best bands to hail from Australia. For a group still referred to as a “cult” band, the Go-Betweens have received numerous rock-star accolades over the years, including numerous awards and references in popular culture, not to mention having a bridge named after them and a playground named after their bass player.

On June 9, the Go-Betweens can add comic-strips book to that list. Thank You For A Lovely Day: 11 The Go-Betweens Songcomics (Ventil Verlag) collects 11 comics (each done by a different artist) that interpret songs written by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan during their Go-Betweens days, including “Lee Remick,” “Right Here,” “Bye Bye Pride” and “Streets Of Your Town.” The 128-page hardback was edited by Gunther Buskies and Jonas Engelmann (with liner notes by Forster) and features contributions from illustrators such as Sarah Lippett, Klaus Cornfield, Noah Van Sciver, Christopher Tauber, Ulf K. and Luka Lenzin.

Below, we bring you the Philip Waechter-penned comic for “Karen,” one of our favorite Go-Betweens songs and the b-side to their debut 1978 single, “Lee Remick.” MAGNET is proud to premiere “Karen” today.