MAGNET Had Its 10th Anniversary Show Featuring Guided By Voices, The Shins And My Morning Jacket 20 Years Ago Today

If you remember the MAGNET 10th anniversary show, you weren’t really there. We were there (duh) and don’t remember much, but here’s what we know: It was at the Trocadero (R.I.P.) in Philly. Guided By Voices, the Shins and My Morning Jacket played. Jon Wurster hosted. A MAGNET staffer drank all of the Trocadero’s red wine, but it wasn’t Eric T. Miller (for once). There was an after party at Matt Pond’s apartment down the street, and some assholes roughed him up in the wee-morning hours. Someone made this poster for the show, but none of us can remember seeing it before a couple years ago. (Since we found it on the internet, it must be real.)

Oh, and the Wrens played our private party the next night, only days before The Meadowlands was released. Sadly, 20 years later, it’s looking like it was their final album.