MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Uncle Lucius’ “All The Angelenos” Video

Californians have been fleeing the Golden State in droves, with Austin, Texas, a preferred destination for many. The influx has been disconcerting to locals, who’ve witnessed a soaring cost of living and a city drained of its beloved weirdness. It’s something Uncle Lucius felt compelled to address on “All The Angelenos”—though not in a disparaging way.

“Quite a few musicians have been priced out of living in the Live Music Capital Of The World,” says Kevin Galloway, the band’s longtime frontman and common denominator. “In their stead are tech bros and hipster cowpokes, wearing overpriced cowboy boots and overbearing hats. The tune isn’t trying to denigrate anyone—it’s expressing a sentiment. Sometimes you just have to start with the chorus, get loose and have a little fun.”

With its hilarious dancehall finale, the video underscores the swingin’ sense of fun Uncle Lucius brings to “All The Angelenos.” It was direct by Barbara FG, a French expat who’s been living in Austin for a decade.

“During that time, I’ve seen the vibe of the town change a lot, so I thought it would be funny for me to create my own American-cliché concept on the matter,” she says. “Between the shoot and the release of the video, I actually became an American citizen—so I don’t feel bad about it.”

A former banker, Galloway arrived in Austin from East Texas to pursue music, piecing together the first version of Uncle Lucius in the mid-2000s. After more than a decade of critical praise, international touring and grassroots adoration, Galloway disbanded Uncle Lucius in 2018. But the buzz around the group wouldn’t die. “Keep The Wolves Away,” a late bloomer from 2012’s And You Are Me LP, appeared on a 2018 episode of Yellowstone and went viral, earning platinum status. That was enough motivation for Galloway to reunite with Hal Jon Vorpahl, the band’s co-founder and original bassist.

With “silent seventh member” Vorphal now serving as a producer and songwriter, Uncle Lucius is back with renewed energy and focus on Like It’s The Last One Left (Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers), its first studio album in eight years. Call it roots rock. Call it Americana. Call it country with a Tex-Mex twist. Call it whatever you like. Few bands embrace the all-inclusive spirit of the Austin music scene quite like Uncle Lucius.

We’re proud to premiere the video for “All The Angelenos.”

—Hobart Rowland