BEST OF 2023

Best Of 2023: Jazz/Improv

MAGNET’s Bill Meyer picks the best jazz/improv releases of the year

1) Natural Information Society Since Time Is Gravity (Eremite)
2) Amadou / Cambien / Rempis On The Blink (Aerophonic)
3) Milford Graves With Arthur Doyle & Hugh Glover Children Of The Forest (Black Editions Archive)
4) John Butcher The Very Fabric (Hitorri)
5) Jaimie Branch Fly Or Die Fly Or Die Fly Or Die ((World War)) (International Anthem)
6) Paul Giallorenzo Trio Play (Delmark)
7) Anna Webber Shimmer Wince (Intakt)
8) Die Enttäuschung Music Minus One (Two Nineteen)
9) The Necks Travel (Northern Spy)
10) Anthony Davis / Kyle Motl / Kjell Nordeson Vertical Motion (Astral Spirits)