MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Tish Melton’s “Damage”

Tish Melton notes that her debut EP has been “years in the making.” Keeping in mind, of course, that’s she’s all of 17.

“I started with ‘The Chase,’ and I just never stopped writing,” says Melton of the five-song When We’re Older (CmndShft), due March 1. “I learned so much about myself in the process, and I’ve never been prouder of something I’ve created.”

Mostly raised in Florida, Melton is the product of a blended family. Her two moms, Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach, are both New York Times bestselling authors. About a year ago, a video of Melton’s one-off acoustic set at Los Angeles’ famed Troubadour found its way to Brandi Carlile, who became a mentor, producing When We’re Older at her Seattle studio and Shangri-La in Malibu.

“I’m so grateful for Brandi’s genius and guidance for the past year,” says Melton. “Putting the EP out into the world is scary, exciting and hopeful—and it’s just the beginning.”

Though a bit of an old soul, Melton is still wrapped up in the vagaries of teen hood. Refreshingly devoid of melodrama, her perceptive personal narratives find their resonance in honesty and restraint—and they won’t insult the intelligence of listeners over 25.

“I wrote ‘Damage’ when I was sad and lonely—it’s hard for me to listen to,” she says. “To put it plainly, I was willing to put up with anything for someone else. I hope people can use my honesty to get through their own version of what I went through.”

We’re proud to premiere “Damage.”

—Hobart Rowland