MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Tulipomania’s “Shines On” Video

As we’ve noted before, Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray of Tulipomania take their videos as seriously as they do their music. So it’s no surprise that many of the Philly-area duo’s visual creations are continually selected for screenings at film festivals around the globe.

The latest from Gelover and Murray is a new clip for “Shines On,” the third single from Tulipomania’s recent fifth album, Dreaming Of Sleep (Sursumcorda).

“The song introduces ambiguity in its exploration of the energy of light,” says Gelover. “Who is the teller of the tale?”

“Light from a great distance dances and reflects a memory of the past,” says Murray. “Moving toward the future, carrying the past with it.”

Likewise, the video for “Shines On” finds Gelover and Murray exploring these themes of light. They refashioned and reorientated footage they shot into this animated culmination of abstract visuals, which are made up of thousands of individual collages. Everything is, indeed, illuminated.

We’re proud to premiere “Shines On” today. Check it out now.