MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Color Green’s “God In A $” Video

Color Green may be as close as it gets to a creative democracy in rock ’n’ roll. Fool’s Parade, the Los Angeles quartet’s upcoming New West Records debut, has a communal vibrancy that’s undeniable. It’s the product of four people hashing things out in a room—and bringing their considerable talents to bear in the process.

Noah Kohll and Corey Madden launched Color Green in 2018 as a jammy guitar duo with an obvious debt to Jerry Garcia. Once they attached themselves to bassist Kyla Perlmutter and drummer Corey Rose in 2021, Color Green dialed back the busyness, found the groove and quickly blossomed into a killer live act that spotlights the musicianship—and the vocals—of all four band members. The band has proven its adaptability by opening for everyone from Hiss Golden Messenger to the Brian Jonestown Massacre to Circles Around The Sun.

Coproduced by the band and Mike Kriebel, Fool’s Parade is due out July 12. It funnels the band’s cosmic onstage chemistry into nine tracks that mine some familiar ’60s and ’70s folk and classic-rock conventions without the bitter nostalgic aftertaste. Color Green may have its collective foot in the past, but the band is firmly rooted in the present. Perhaps that’s why Fool’s Parade sounds like everything and nothing you’ve heard before—and no track better illustrates that wonderful paradox than “God In A $.”

“The song was initially written in a shed in northeast L.A. in the fall of 2021, after an impromptu writing session with me, Kyla and Corey (Madden),” says Kohll. “We took it to Corey (Rose), and she added the halftime arrangement at the end. It’s meant to evoke nostalgia, a time of youthful carelessness when introspection is the least of your concerns.”

The video is a playful take on the tune’s deeper meaning. “The band shot the footage during a friend’s birthday at Santa Anita Park’s Summer Corgi Nationals,” says Kohll. “It blurs the line between careless fun and reckless behavior—something that’s all too relatable in the search for meaning amid the monotonous.”

We’re proud to premiere Color Green’s “God In A $” video.

—Hobart Rowland