MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Bones Owens’ “Summer Skin” Video

In a previous life, Missouri native Caleb “Bones” Owens was a guitarist-for-hire for the likes of Yelawolf, Jelly Roll and Bon Jovi. More recently, he’s broken away from the Nashville meat-grinder to carve out his own rugged roots-rock ethos—one that occasionally dabbles in the gospel and old-time country he grew up with.

“Summer Skin” is the second single from Love Out Of Lemons, Owens’ upcoming LP, available July 12 on Black Ranch/Thirty Tigers. “Like so many of my songs, it’s rooted in nostalgia,” says Owens. “It’s an attempt at bottling the feeling of summers spent without responsibility, chasing the high of the moment.”

A few years ago, “Summer Skin” was among a batch of demos Owens delivered to his friend, Mondo Cozmo. “He immediately connected with it and had ideas for lifting the post-chorus,” says Owens. “He added instrumentation and background vocals, giving the song its anthemic feel.”

The tune’s high-energy vibe is reflective of the album as a whole. It’s also what you can expect from Owens’ live show—and he tours a ton. For Love Out Of Lemons, he reunited with Paul Moak, the Nashville producer behind 2023’s more intimate and introspective Eighteen Wheeler EP. This time, the results favor grinding, propulsive rock and a beefier sonic profile. The Whigs’ Julian Dorio is featured on drums throughout; Owens and Moak handle everything else.

For the video, Owens collaborated with Nashville-based director/cinematographer Daniel Chaney. “His work blends avant-garde elements with vintage pop culture in a very lo-fi, analog way,” says Owens. “It felt like a perfect match for the song. We wanted the video to be whimsical and illustrate that ineffable feeling of young love. We gave Daniel free rein to interpret the song in his unique way. The result is a visual journey that perfectly complements the song’s theme.”

We’re proud to premiere Bones Owens’ “Summer Skin” video.

—Hobart Rowland

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