MAGNET Exclusive: Premiere Of Chapell’s “When The Music Plays Again”

At first glance, there’s nothing especially trendy about Alan Chapell. He’s a lawyer, for heaven’s sake. Dig a little deeper, and you uncover a complex, driven guy who’s found his version of the perfect work-life balance. On the one hand, Chapell’s impeccably crafted forays into indie rock and power pop over the past two decades have made him an under-the-radar favorite of critics and a select group of fans. On the other, his work as a New York City attorney dealing with digital technology’s threats to privacy has earned him the utmost respect among his legal peers.

Growing up in Stamford, Conn., Chapell was something of a musical prodigy and perhaps slightly ahead of his time. He worked with legendary producer Jimmy Ienner at age 15 and later traveled to India with Kalki, a band that fuses Hindustani ragas with funk and jazz. Somewhere along the way, Chapell also got his law degree from Fordham University.

“When The Music Plays Again” is the third track from Chapell’s upcoming self-released LP, The Underground Music Show, available July 19. Beautifully executed and painstakingly produced, it’s immersive feel makes it the perfect EarPods album. “Chapell” became an official band in 2016 with release of The Redhead’s Allegations, produced by Jerry Harrison. A pair of LPs followed over the next two years: Soul Man and Love In The Summer Of Trouble. In the meantime, Chapell became a killer live band—one with a big heart and a communal vibe.

So, yeah, from a practical standpoint, music is hardly a necessity for Chapell. But from an existential standpoint? Well, that’s another story.

“As a songwriter, all you want is for people to hear your music,” says Chapell, explaining the inspiration behind “When The Music Plays Again.” “When the ability to perform goes away for a while, you learn to live on the fumes of hope—that someday you’ll be able to perform again.”

We’re proud to premiere Chapell’s “When The Music Plays Again.”

—Hobart Rowland

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