MAGNET’s #2 Album Of 2016: David Bowie’s “Blackstar”

Given the tragic circumstances, David Bowie could’ve uncorked a mediocre sendoff, and it would’ve likely been met with sympathetic ears.
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MAGNET’s #3 Album Of 2016: case/lang/veirs' "case/lang/veirs"

MAGNET’s #3 Album Of 2016: case/lang/veirs’ “case/lang/veirs”

How could any one-off supergroup ever aspire to be more than the sum of its parts, even one that combines
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MAGNET’s #4 Album Of 2016: William Tyler’s “Modern Country”

While it could serve beautifully to soundtrack any number of settings and situations, the genre-straddling Nashville guitarist’s latest opus is
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MAGNET’s #5 Album Of 2016: GOAT’s “Requiem”

GOAT has been trying to convince us that the tiny hamlet from which it hails is home to an ages-old
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MAGNET’s #6 Album Of 2016: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “Skeleton Tree”

It’s impossible to tell how the death of Nick Cave’s son, Arthur, during the recording of Skeleton Tree shaped its
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MAGNET’s #7 Album Of 2016: Car Seat Headrest’s “Teens Of Denial”

We don’t need another new Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate notwithstanding. But we sure can welcome a new Bob Pollard. Although
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MAGNET’s #8 Album Of 2016: Lucinda Williams' "The Ghosts Of Highway 20"

MAGNET’s #8 Album Of 2016: Lucinda Williams’ “The Ghosts Of Highway 20”

Lucinda Williams has been making music for nearly four decades. The Ghosts Of Highway 20, her 12th studio album, is
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MAGNET’s #9 Album Of 2016: Beach Slang’s “A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings”

“Play it loud/Play it fast/Play me something that will always last,” growls lead singer James Alex on “Future Mixtape For
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MAGNET’s #10 Album Of 2016: Dinosaur Jr’s “Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not”

Consider, if you will, two bands from Massachusetts that formed in the mid-’80s, broke up for more than a decade,
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MAGNET’s #11 Album Of 2016: Drive-By Truckers’ “American Band”

It’s been an annus horribilis of Nasty Women and Bad Hombres, aggressive groping and building a wall and making them
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MAGNET’s #12 Album Of 2016: Mitski’s “Puberty 2”

For Mitski Miyawaki, happiness is neither a self-evident truth nor an unalienable right, instead a boorish lout who eats her
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MAGNET’s #13 Album Of 2016: Cass McCombs’ “Mangy Love”

Mangy Love is a slippery album, by turns didactic and Dada-esque, sensitive and pissed-off, somber and humorous. Cass McCombs has
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MAGNET’s #14 Album Of 2016: Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool”

Even after a five-year wait between albums, it’s weirdly easy to take Radiohead for granted. Maybe it’s a slight tempering of
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MAGNET’s #15 Album Of 2016: Angel Olsen’s “My Woman”

Angel Olsen has one of those voices. She can belt her songs out, but her control is excellent. This is
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