Gossip: Bryan Ferry Is Still The Man

bryan-ferry2801He might not be at the level of snorting his father’s ashes, but we’ve got to give legendary Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry props for his latest debaucherous-chic scandal a la Keith Richards. London’s Daily Mail is reporting that the 63-year-old Ferry has been dating one of his son’s ex-girlfriends, 27-year-old Amanda Sheppard. Of course, behind the headlines the whole thing really isn’t that salacious. Sheppard and Ferry’s 23-year-old son Isaac had a short fling five years ago, so the only real “scandal” here is that the famously amorous elder Ferry is dating a beautiful woman less than half his age. So hats off to him. Get back to us when he starts dating one of his sons. To read the interview we did with Ferry in 2007, click here.

“Simple Twist Of Fate” from 2005’s Dylanesque:

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