MP3 At 3PM: Dean & Britta

deanandbritta4001Last year’s holiday seven-inch offering from Dean & Britta (with Sonic Boom), “Old Toy Trains” showcases Dean Wareham’s breathy, conversational vocals (a la Iron And Wine). A light but pervasive keyboard score complements the song’s simple acoustic strumming and tambourine jangling. D&B’s Wailers cover, “He’s Coming Home,” features banjo picking side by side with Britta Phillips’ vinyl-worthy, resonant crooning. Her Nancy Sinatra impersonation might help you make the stealthy CD switcheroo from your dad’s classic Christmas compilation you’ve been forced to listen to for the past two decades during holidays at the parents’ house. Download both songs below, and read our March Q&A with Dean & Britta.

“Old Toy Trains” (download):

“He’s Coming Home” (download):