Jazz Great David S. Ware In Desperate Need Of New Kidney

davidsware32Sad news: David S. Ware, the renowned jazz saxophonist who was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1999, is now on a life-or-death search for a new kidney. Apparently, the dialysis treatment that allowed Ware to travel and continue playing music, not to mention live, for the past nine-plus years is no longer working. The only available option left is a kidney transplant. Though a number of people close to the 59-year-old Ware have offered their kidneys, they either had a different blood type (Ware’s is O) or were disqualified for other medical reasons. Ware’s manager, Steven Joerg, is asking that anyone willing to donate their kidney to get in touch with him as quickly as possible (; 718-854-2387). Potential donors must be under the age of 60, in good health and have a blood type of O+ or O-. Read our 1998 profile of Ware here.

“4th Dimensional” from 2001’s Live In The Netherlands: