From The Desk Of A.C. Newman: Farm Sanctuary

carlnewmanpresscrop41“There are maybe 10 or 12 things I could teach you,” sings Carl “A.C.” Newman on his new solo album, Get Guilty (Matador). “After that, well, you’re on your own.” This week, MAGNET lets the New Pornographers frontman steer our website toward 10 or 12 of his own favorite things in music, film, literature and life.

Read our verdict on the orchestral-pop case of Get Guilty and a Q&A deposition with Newman here.


Newman: Farm Sanctuary is a rescue and rehabilitation center for farm animals; it’s a cause my wife and I support. I’m not a freaky vegetarian who wants to make sure animals are never killed or eaten, but I think it’s important that they’re treated humanely. Factory farms are pretty disgusting. Everybody loves animals, don’t they? I think it’s important for people to remember where their food comes from. Food isn’t just a magical thing that shows up. It’s weird to talk about; I don’t want to seem like a hippie. Nevertheless, it’s important.

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Thank you for the kind words about Farm Sanctuary! We loved your show at the State Theater a few months back. It’s not often that we get great bands through Ithaca and we appreciate the love. Poor Neko with her sore throat was a trooper! When you come back to Ithaca for your gig in March, you should stop by our New York Sanctuary. We’re only 40 minutes away…just give us a call and ask for Tricia (I’m the comms director). We’ll arrange a tour so you can meet all the animals you help support!

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