From The Desk Of Superdrag’s John Davis: Indian Cuisine

John Davis wanted rock ‘n’ roll, but he didn’t want to deal with the hassle. The Superdrag frontman broke up his band in 2003, got religion and issued a pair of solo albums, putting a seemingly tight lid on the legacy of his Knoxville, Tenn., outfit. Apparently, Davis is willing to be bothered again: Superdrag’s original lineup reconvened to record Industry Giants, a new album due March 17.

This week, MAGNET celebrates the return of Superdrag by handing Davis the reins to our website, where he’ll share his favorite music, films, food, literature and more. Read our Q&A with Davis about the comeback here.


Davis: Indian food is hands-down my favorite way to go when it comes to dining out. (I’m responsible for all the random pictures of Indian dishes and cups of tea among the Superdrag tour photos.) We hit up some serious Indian places on our West Coast tour last year. By the way, a big shout-out to my friends at Sitar Indian Cuisine in Nashville. The combinations of flavors and spices in Indian dishes have been thoughtfully engineered over centuries to produce a feeling of well-being and overall good health. Chili, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, coriander and cumin are all ancient Ayurvedic ingredients. So that amazing “food buzz” you get from your panir masala or mushroom matar is by no means a coincidence—it’s scientific!

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Boy howdy, you’re right. Indian food is just so darn colorful, to the eyes and the tongue. I am hungry for palak paneer and samosas. If anyone has any, please send them to me at

P.O. Box 9,000,000,
Anytown, USA,

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