Free MP3 From The Veils

veils360It’s probably a good thing Veils frontman Finn Andrews kicked his former love of ’80s new-wave electronic. He’s now infatuated with artists such as Roy Orbison, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, whom we can thank for inspiring possibly the best Veils album yet. Sun Gangs, out April 7 on Rough Trade, is as dark as it is beaming with sunlight. The U.K. outfit found its sound with the help of producer and ex-Bark Psychosis guitarist Graham Sutton (Jarvis Cocker, British Sea Power). Sun Gangs opener “Sit Down By The Fire” unleashes a powerful chorus laced with female vocals that mimic the harmonies of an Arcade Fire number (except on key). If you can’t wait to hear the rest of the album, check out the murderous rants and snarling guitars of the LP’s first single, the Nick Cave-esque “Killed By The Boom.”

“Killed By The Boom” from Sun Gangs (download here):