What March Album Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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8 replies on “What March Album Are You Most Looking Forward To?”

That new Superdrag album will blow …

the competition out of the water. Industry Giants, oh yes!

there is so much RAWK in the Superdrag album, when the people open the cd, faces will melt away like Raiders Of The Lost Arc. i promise

I’m a-waiting for Adam Franklin’s “Spent Bullets” which comes out all the way in the future on the last and 31st day of March – yep yep

You might have written him off (I had!) but the new Pete Doherty album is absolutely sublime. Seriously. It’s like Scott Walker crossed with Joe Strummer crossed with…. something very English but not too much so. I’m from Australia and I love it. And I very much dislike most of Babyshambles and the Libertines bar a handful of tracks. But this Doherty solo is really VERY GOOD.

What a surprise!!

CURSIVE! GREAT band, and the new album is very great!
Possible the best release of 2009.

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