From The Desk Of Dean & Britta: Ben Javens

deanbritta120f1Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips are New York City’s most effortless mod couple, a duo whose sleek, icily romantic pop can serve as both sophisticated art-gallery soundtrack and lovey-dovey fireplace music. In the four years since the breakup of former band Luna, Wareham and Phillips have pursued boutique careers in the best possible sense: in literature, film, fashion and the music business. Fittingly, their latest project, 13 Most Beautiful … Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, sets a series of Warhol’s short films to music. The couple will be guest editing all this week. Read our Q&A with Dean & Britta.


Dean: Ben Javens is a U.K. artist who did the cover on the Cheval Sombre album. I have bought some of his very reasonably priced prints.

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