MP3 At 3PM: The Dukes Of Stratosphear

dukesofstrat360b1The Dukes Of Stratosphear was XTC‘s idea of an April Fool’s Day joke back in 1985, issuing the 25 O’Clock EP under that moniker and disguised as a foppish ’60s Carnaby Street psychedelic band. It was Austin Powers in the era of Back To The Future, and it was brilliant. The lineup included Sir John Johns (a.k.a. frontman Andy Partridge), the Red Curtain (Colin Moulding), Lord Cornelius Plum (Dave Gregory) and E.I.E.I. Owen (Ian Gregory). In honor of Partridge’s Ape label reissuing 25 O’Clock and 1987 Dukes full-length Psonic Psunspot, here’s a download of “My Love Explodes,” which we believe is the soundtrack to a money shot to an imaginary late-’60s porno titled, oh … let’s call it Strawberry Alarm Cock. That was a very chaste observation in light of what Partridge once told us about humping a rubber shark.

“My Love Explodes” from 25 O’Clock (download):