Lost & Found: Anti-Pop Consortium


As an addendum to our recent list of Lost Classics (a series of posts highlighting some of the best underrecognized and forgotten indie-rock albums released since MAGNET began publishing in 1993), we’ll continue to play catch-up with the artists we featured. Because you just never know when you’ll stumble across the former drummer for Velocity Girl.

Today’s update concerns Anti-Pop Consortium, Radiohead’s favorite hip-hop group circa Kid A. Though we mentioned the reunion and impending release of new album Fluorescent Black in our Lost Classics entry, it’s now been officially confirmed and given a release date: October 13 on Big Dada. Because MAGNET loves you and wants you to be happy—even if part of that happiness was once due to the zeitgeist of intelligent hip hop paired with glitchy electronica circa your Autechre phase, but we digress—here’s a free download of a track from the album.

“Capricorn One” (download):