I, Mack: Sir Mix-A-Lot On Technology

sirmix100eSir Mix-A-Lot may forever be linked to 1992 mega-hit “Baby Got Back,” but you’d be off-base in labeling him a one-hit wonder. One of hip hop’s ultimate DIY practitioners, he was a platinum-selling artist long before “Baby Got Back” introduced suburbanites everywhere to the glories of the big, bad booty. He founded his own record label, produced his own tracks, created a Seattle hip-hop scene from scratch and was among the first hip-hop acts to collaborate in the rock genre. These days, he is working on a new album due out next year and generally surveying a scene hugely influenced by the music he created two decades ago. Sir Mix will be guest editing all this week. Read our Q&A with him.

technology550Sir Mix-A-Lot: You’ve got to love where technology is going today: I was in a chat room talking to friends of mine in England and Australia (one of whom I have never met). The Internet has done more to help the younger generations understand other cultures than any college course I know of. However, I have one problem with technology. I have been rear-ended once already on the freeway by some chick sending a text message and nearly hit a couple more times. I have received nasty text messages while driving, and when I look down and see a pic with huge boobs, I hear the rumbly stutter noise from those little humps that divide the lanes. So we need phones that cannot receive text messages in the car. Maybe a chip in all cars (maybe through Bluetooth) that blocks and saves all text messages until the car goes into park! Oh, and we need more of those little bumps between the lanes! LMAO.