Au Revoir Simone Tour Diary: Austin, Texas

au_revoir_chicoBrooklyn trio Au Revoir Simone recently took to the road to promote its latest pop confection, the keyboard-buzzing beauty Still Night, Still Light. Annie Hart reports:

Austin rules. Austin is one of our favorite destinations on tour because of Mr. Natural’s Health Emporium, the best margaritas in the country, drool-worthy breakfast tacos and the best party shops ever on East Cesar Chavez. We stopped into one on the way to the show and picked up a little multi-colored burro piñata, whom I christened Chico, ’cause he’s my boy. I have a little bit of a problem with with anthropomorphizing piñatas, which admittedly is a little strange, but not as strange in my book as not anthropomorphizing piñatas. Side note: I got to talking to the sound engineer at the venue in Tucson, Ariz., about the piñata, and he said, “Oh! My dog is named Chico, too. But I found him in East Austin on Cesar Chavez, so that was no-brainer.” Look at the classic situations my Chico got into after the jump.

“All Or Nothing” (download):

Driving us to the venue from the party shop:

Telling me a little of his history at the factory in San Antonio where he was born. Fascinating:

Enjoying the cool air at Barton Springs. He didn’t go in the water for obvious reasons, but he came in handy as a sun shade when I was done pretending he had a brain:

Trying on moccasins at a gift shop/rest stop in New Mexico: