Marshall Crenshaw’s Usual Things: Jack Scott

marshallogobBecause he’s written so many great tunes for other performers, some people might get the wrong idea about Marshall Crenshaw. He’s also a fine singer. No matter how many celebrity vocalists have tackled his stuff, nobody puts more into a Marshall Crenshaw song than the man himself. If you somehow have overlooked the music of this 55-year-old Detroit native, you should immediately dive into the pond with the 2006 double-CD of his early stuff, Marshall Crenshaw: The Definitive Pop Collection (Rhino), then fast-forward to his new one, Jaggedland (429). Naturally, the voice sounds a little more lived-in almost 30 years later, but the songs are every bit as finely crafted. Crenshaw is guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with him. If you’re a rockabilly fan, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Jack Scott. When I was a little boy, he was a local hero in the Detroit area and also a genuine rock star. He doesn’t have the name recognition today of Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran, but, in fact, Jack Scott had more hits than all three of them combined. And for my money, he was just plain great. He wrote his own songs, some of which are classics, like this one, “What In The World’s Come Over You.” Watch this clip and dig how cool he was; also notice how the kids clap on the one and three.

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In the 60’s we used to go to the “Deerhunt” and the “Club Cliche” bars that
were close to each other. Jack used to pop into the bar with his “entourage”.
Then I saw him play on eight mile. I went to school in Cheboygan with the brother of his girlfriend/wife (Lachapelle) I always thought he was great.

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