The Shaky Hands Make MAGNET A Mix Tape

shakyhands550Portland, Ore., quartet the Shaky Hands drove 37 hours to SXSW this year, and in case you’re wondering what was played in the van, bassist Mayhaw Hoons lays out the playlist’s greatest hits below. Led by singer/guitarist Nicholas Delffs and including guitarist Jeff Lehman and drummer Jake Morris, the Shaky Hands will release Let It Die (Kill Rock Stars) September 29. Check out the Strokes-meets-Dylan album track “Allison And The Ancient Eyes” below.

“Allison And The Ancient Eyes” (download):

Alice Cooper “Long Way To Go”
The original Alice Cooper group doesn’t get enough cred. Forget about “Feed My Frankenstein” and “Poison.” The original band was awesome. They knew how to mix great rock and the goofiness of pop. No one has done it as well since.

Dead Moon “Diamond In The Rough”
These guys are our heroes. Straightforward, dirty DIY rock. Plus they are from Portland!

Funkadelic “Can You Get To That”
This is the song most played on our last tour, over and over and over.

Al Stewart “Year Of The Cat”
To Jake and me, this song is the greatest of all time. I have a feeling that Jeff and Nick get sick of hearing it 2,000 times a tour. It’s that sax solo that does it for us.

Pink Floyd “Fearless”
Floyd finally quits acting so weird and gets smoooooth, then they have to ruin it with what sounds like soccer hooligans.

Donovan “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
Donovan was kinda the predecessor to a D&D kid. He sounds like a geek who happens to make really good tunes. If you don’t like Donovan, you shouldn’t ride in our van.

The Wipers “Wait A Minute”
I have too much to say about the Wipers. Awesome songs, great lyrics and they could play! One of, if not the best, bands from Portland. Ever.

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band “City Slang”
This is a perfect rock song. Plus it has a bass breakdown. As if Sonic Smith wasn’t cool enough from being in the MC5, he goes on to do this. And Patti Smith!