MP3 At 3PM: Ted Leo And The Pharmacists

ted-leo4012If anyone qualifies as an indie hero, it’s Ted Leo. The impassioned songwriter can take pop, punk, folk and just about anything else and add a hook so sweet it’ll rot your teeth. “Even Heroes Have To Die” reminds us why we really wish that title isn’t true; here’s hoping Leo is with us for a long time. Or, at the very least, until the March release of his new album with the Pharmacists, The Brutalist Bricks (Matador). Leo just wrapped up a solo tour, but he’ll be embarking on a nationwide jaunt in March.

“Even Heroes Have To Die” (download):

One reply on “MP3 At 3PM: Ted Leo And The Pharmacists”

Thanks to your enticing (and accurate) description above, and the very convenient embedded mp3, I’ve checked out Ted Leo and am impressed. Really enjoy his new album and plan to explore his back catalogue as well.

It’s great to hear someone with so much energy and passion, even though he’s been making music for awhile now. You can tell he’s in it for the right reasons.

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