MP3 At 3PM: Dios

dios5137The L.A.-based Dios has released a free two-song single, courtesy of Buddyhead, exhibiting its compositional range. On “I Feel Finite,” tinny guitars segue into a bouquet of Flaming Lips-esque psychedelic keyboard peals and a drum beat that will get your toes tapping, even if you can’t make out the words; Joel Morales sounds like Ben Gibbard crooning in his car with the windows rolled up. “Puttin It Down” is more buoyant and puckish, like the Comas with an articulate Beck manning the vocals, displaying Dios’ alternate spirited-folk temperament.

“I Feel Finite” (download):

“Puttin It Down” (download):

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Wow thank you for this… didn’t know these guys were still a band. After checking out a few other links I found out they have a new LP coming out VIA Buddyhead in Feb 2010! I can’t fuckin’ wait!

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