MP3 At 3PM: Four Tet

fourtet3448Electro post-rock guru Kieran Hebden sealed the four-year gap in Four Tet’s full-lengths with January’s There Is Love In You (Domino). Flawless in precision and emphatically emotive, Four Tet’s fifth is texturized minimalism bathed in subdued beats. Somewhere between lulling and dancey, this album is truly felt on an intuitive level, with nuances of yearning found in every song. Quasi-coherent blips of alto vocals reverberate on “Angel Echoes” amid cymbals and chimes, opening the LP in an eerie transcendence that sets the tone for latter tracks. A brilliantly selective decoupage of sound, Hebden’s compositions are profound. Download “Angel Echoes” below.

“Angel Echoes” (download):