Film At 11: PS I Love You

Upon first glance, the video for PS I Love You‘s “Facelove,” an unabashed play on the classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” footage from Joy Division, might strike some as grossly derivative in image and song. Watch again, paying more diligent attention to the irreverent, glam/metal-inspired nuances, and the experience is inversely pleasurable. The song, like its video, becomes much more believable the longer you listen: PS I Love You loves late-’70s Brit rock and monster metal riffs, the coldly demure poise of Ian Curtis and the batting-glove fashion aesthetic of Tommy Lee. Though distracting at times, these are dualities PS I Love You ultimately pulls off with endearing confidence. “Facelove” was directed by Colin Medley and first appeared on the now out-of-print split seven-inch single with Diamond Rings on the Hype Lighter label.