In Emma Pollock’s Loop: Cars, Circa 1970

EmmapollocklogoTo those who loved them, Glasgow, Scotland’s Delgados were the near-perfect blend of churning, indie-rock edginess and stirring, girl/boy vocals, wrapped in gasp-inducing orchestral arrangements that made time stand still. A tough act for vocalist/guitarist Emma Pollock to follow, you might think, when the band split amicably in 2006. And yet, Pollock’s ’07 solo debut, Watch The Fireworks, wasted no time in identifying how crucial she had been to the unique sound of the Delgados. Three years later, the former physics major returns with The Law Of Large Numbers (Chemikal Underground), which goes down like a couple of dry martinis after a savory meal, welcoming you to Pollock’s expanding universe of sound. Pollock will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with her.

mercedies580Pollock: Ever since my dad bought a Rover P6 when I was about eight years old and we traveled on holiday down to Cornwall (where it subsequently broke down), I have been fascinated by classic cars. I bought an old Rover P6 when I inherited a little bit of money from my aunt—the car cost me £800—and even though I had to ultimately scrap it two years later, I had a fantastic couple years running it—and breaking down in it. It had leather seats, the colour was “Mexican brown,” and instead of a “cigarette lighter” like in most cars, it had a “cigar lighter,” no less. Total class. It was dubbed the “poor man’s Jaguar,” apparently, in the ’70s. I do love most classic cars, but particularly the Rover P6, BMW 2002tii, Mercedes Pagoda and Facel Vega. The early BMWs and Mercedes are absolutely beautiful, and one day, when I don’t need to rely on using the car to pick up my son from school every day, I might just get another. Modern car design doesn’t really do it for me. Video after the jump.

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“Modern car design doesn’t really do it for me.”

I agree completely. Part of the problem is that carmakers are now less concerned with design and much more preoccupied with putting computers in our cars that will prevent us from smashing into objects and driving off into the ditch on accident. (Gee, I thought that’s what the driver and steering wheel were for.)

At least we might not have to see any new Hummers on the road in the near future. That would be a start.

I now own a 1975 300d Mercedes 80,000 miles on it . Chocolate brown with tan interior. I am 56 years old and expect this to be the larst car I buy. Old is cool like me. Emma Pollock fan. From Hemel Hempstead U.K. now live in Arroyo Grande Ca. USA

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