MP3 At 3PM: Archie Bronson Outfit

abo5154The U.K. beardos in Archie Bronson Outfit plan to unleash Coconut (Domino) on March 23 after a lengthy stint of anticipation. The band’s latest is a tantalizing toss up of blasé post-punk and the nervousness of psych/pop. With creative help from DFA all-star Tim Goldsworthy, Coconut is a mostly chilled-out LP with dancey undertones, each track ending with ample potential to become an amped-up remix. Frontman Sam Windett’s shaky vocals deliver nervous urgency to the band’s latest single “Shark’s Tooth,” colliding with washed-out drums and buzzing guitar, each component pleasantly resulting in pure haphazard perfection.

“Shark’s Tooth” (download):