Take Cover! Lucero Vs. Jawbreaker

When is a cover song better than the original? Only you can decide. This week Lucero takes on Jawbreaker’s “Kiss The Bottle.” MAGNET’s Edward Fairchild pulls the pin. Take cover!

Originally appearing on a 1992 seven-inch compilation of Bay Area bands called 17 Reasons: The Mission District, this was the last song recorded before Jawbreaker singer Blake Schwarzenbach underwent surgery to have painful polyps removed from his throat. It is raw, rough and real. These days, Schwarzenbach is fronting excellent Brooklyn-based band forgetters. Check out Memphis’ Lucero, with its own trademark gravel, adding some Southern-twang to Jawbreaker’s already countrified punk ditty.

The Cover:

The Original:

7 replies on “Take Cover! Lucero Vs. Jawbreaker”

You had me ready to tear the Lucero cover apart but it was really damn good and it’s not like Lucero doesn’t know about lonely, hard drinkin’ nights. Tough decision but ultimately I gotta go with ‘breaker just because the Unfun reissue just came out…

of course jawbreaker’s is better. not even a question. thats like asking, “what’s better? a cup of coffee, or a cup of self-deprecating coffee that your arch nemesis just jerked off in?” not even a contest.

Cover is nice but the original is really far better. The raw rock of Jawbreaker captured something a country style cover just can’t.

Sparta’s cover of this is MUCH better than Lucero’s…but nothing can touch the original.

What about the Foo Fighters’ cover? …But seriously, Jawbreaker all the way.

Lucero by far, but thats just the kind of music I’m into. Not really into the brit-rock sound. I totally respecting Jawbreaker for this song, but I gotta give this one to Lucero.

I have been a fan of both bands but I am gonna have to go with lucero. I think if I was voting 5 years ago i would have gone the other way. Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to heavy stuff. (Sick of it All, Clutch, Mastodon, etc.) I just saw Lucero and Social Distortion together and it was awesome. Also caught Lucero on an off night of the tour in Harrisburg, Pa at the Appalachian Brewing Co. 300 people max. They played for 2 hours and 15 minutes straight. It was awesome. Jawbreaker is great as well. Thank a higher power for good music!!!!!!

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