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BoDeanslogo1While the BoDeans have built a loyal fan base over the course of the 24 years since the release of their T Bone Burnett-produced debut, Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams, the duo—Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas—is best known as the band whose “Closer To Free” became the theme song to ’90s TV show Party Of Five. But the BoDeans are fine with that and instead focus on making the kind of music they want to, then bringing it to their devoted followers. New album Mr. Sad Clown (429) features more of the duo’s trademark roots-based rock and intricate vocal harmonies. Neumann will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with him.

Art330Neumann: Art is a beautiful thing. Sounds silly just saying it. I think art is a necessary thing. And I think humanity needs it like it needs oxygen, food and water. And I don’t think any culture could survive without it. A friend of mine from years ago is an artist. His name is Lance Greteman. I met him while touring through Kansas City way back in 1986. He was a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. A middle-class kid out of Nebraska. He’d smoke Marlboro reds, talk about riding bulls and endlessly make me you laugh the entire time you were around him. Truly one of the best people I’d ever met in this world. And his art captures all of the struggles of everyday, mundane life with a beautiful sense of color and humor. One of the pieces that I bought from him is called Salsa Maker. And every single person who comes into my house stops and stares at it in wonder. I still, after 20 years, stare at it. Because there’s so much going on in it. And, of course, if you read the writing on the frame surrounding the painting, you’ll notice it is, in fact, a recipe for salsa. That’s the beauty of his art. The humor. He doesn’t take it all so seriously. He’s laughing at life. And it reminds me to do the same.

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Your posts this week, especially this one, remind me that art and music are a compilation of our experiences, for better or for worse. The old and the new. Trying to make sense of it all and travel down the road of life. Loved your Q & A comments regarding trying to reach an audience that hovered on the brink of adulthood with you in your early years -writing music now as we blaze into our forties. Like salsa, sometimes art and music are better when they sit and blend together over time. Where you are now is better than where you were before because of experience. The new discoveries and perspectives hold not so much a rawness but rather seasoned, full-bodied flavor. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff!

Always a fan. Thanks for the musings. . .

Finding this post has made me extremely happy. Back in 2001-2004 I attended Elkhorn Middle School & Lance Greteman was my art teacher. I am now 22 years old & he has remained my favorite art teacher. He inspired me to become a middle school art teacher myself.

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