Film At 11: We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists—pop’s arch mockers and, for a time, the funniest trio (now duo) in the grand, solemn parade known as indie rock—always seemed forced to choose between their natural urge to joke and their desire to put out straightforward pop music. But they’ve always maintained that balance with more grace and style than, say, the equally arch Art Brut. While “Rules Don’t Stop” isn’t as memorable as anything off 2005’s With Love And Squalor, the video’s hectic hodgepodge of green screen, deadpan vocals and manly, manly moustache is a real winner. Musically, this is a band that’s always been devoutly committed to its particular brand of jerky pop/punk, and “Rules Don’t Stop” is no exception. Check it out, and grab a copy of We Are Scientists’ new album, Barbara, out via PIAS Records on June 15.