MP3 At 3PM: Patrick Park

PatrickParkmp3bPatrick Park grew up a son to a poet and folk/blues guitarist, inevitably helping make him into the gifted musician he is today. Park received acclaim in 2007 when his “Life Is A Song” was the last tune played on the series finale of The OC. “Blackbird Through The Dark,” from the new Come What Will (Badman), is a cozy motif that will immediately draw in listeners. On it, Park shows off his talent as a songwriter giving kindhearted advice to a friend in need. MAGNET is proud to debut “Blackbird Through The Dark” today.

“Blackbird Through The Dark” (download):

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Hello Patrick, we met you in Toronto. You were freaking awesome back then and this song blows me away. You are a diamond in the rough. Shine along that path becuase your music, your words makes the difference in peoples’ lives!

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