Film At 11: Lone Wolf

One might call the video for Lone Wolf’s “Keep Your Eyes On The Road” a parody of Peter Gabriel’s classic “Sledgehammer” video only because its core is so fundamentally different than the original’s that it’s (almost) funny. While Gabriel’s was a fun exploration of the exciting new art of the still-shot video, Lone Wolf’s, directed by the brilliant Ashley Dean, is an exploration of the singer’s soul. Instead of bright-blue and yellow swimming fish and bumper cars floating around his head, Paul Marshall (a.k.a. Lone Wolf) is painted in sad-clown make-up, crashes a car and is covered in dirt as if being buried alive. Instead of the funny pair of dancing naked chickens, there’s a clay model of Wolf dressed in black, attempting a pirouette with a sole chicken, their interaction more sad and confusing than humorous. For the grand finale, he breaks out of the coffin that he nailed shut himself, singing, “Get me out of here,” and he’s accompanied not by the cheerful gospel singers from the original but a crowd of his own people: 20- and 30-somethings dressed in muted colors and awkward haircuts, shifting their feet to simulate dancing and general dissatisfaction with life. Sounds depressing, but it’s beautiful.