Bettie Serveert’s Keepsakes: De Nieuwe Anita

BettieServeert852The members of Bettie Serveert are alt-rock survivors. They have been performing in various incarnations since 1986, and they released critically acclaimed debut album Palomine in 1992. Joining the core lineup of vocalist/guitarist Carol van Dyk, guitarist Peter Visser and bassist Herman Bunskoeke on new album Pharmacy Of Love (Second Motion) is drummer Joppe Molenaar (of fellow Dutch band Voicst). The group recorded the LP in relative isolation in Waimes, Belgium, in order to better concentrate on honing its sound, and the result is a mix of the classic Bettie Serveert vibe with new modern-rock flourishes. Van Dyk, Visser and Bunskoeke will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with van Dyk.


Peter: De Nieuwe Anita is a bar/venue owned and run by Jeroen and Olga. Jeroen was one of our former drummers. First of all, it’s the coolest place in Amsterdam to hang out. They have about four or five special nights every week, where bands play, movies are shown, there are poetry readings, art expos, knitting nights (yes!), you can have you hair cut, chill, drink wine and beer and cocktails on the weekends. Every Tuesday, there are bands or singer/songwriters playing behind the bar. Carol and I did that a couple of times. We got real nervous, knowing that half of the people in bands in Amsterdam were watching. Jeroen is on the drum box in the videos below.

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